Christmas Clips Preview

Okay — finally — the promised preview pictures of the Christmas Clips.  These were so much fun to make! …even though Christmas is still so far off.  I guess there’s nothing like Christmas … in August … in the South … in 97% humidity … to get you motivated for …Christmas!  So I had lots of fun putting these together.  If candy-cane red or elf-green aren’t your go-to colors I have lots of fun things for you.  It’s good to be different sometimes!  There are definitely some traditional colors as well — plenty to choose from!IMG_0918IMG_0923IMG_0930

Earrings & Apple Tarts

Today I’m going to say a few brief words on a couple of topics — earrings and apple tarts.  I simply want to show a couple of new earrings that I will be selling at my shows.  I’m really loving the semi-preious stones with the copper — I love the metals, too!  The brass took to the etching in a wonderful way.  I am very appreciative to my good friend for the opportunity to acquire that brass — she knows who she is!!  Take a look and see what you think.

Apple tarts —  Apple.  Tarts.  Yum.  Delicious.  — sometimes jewelry-making gets pushed aside by competing interests, but only momentarily.  This apple tart beauty was inspired by   one of our favorite European places to visit — Normandy!  Tarte Normande!  Just wonderful — and so pretty to look at.  Thanks to my husband for guidance on this creation!  IMG_0811IMG_0910

Clips & Chains

I talked about some new things I have been working on in my last post.  More specifically, I am making a new line called Clips & Chains.  The Chains are long — they are just slipped over the head without any clasp to worry about — with a ring at the end.  The Clips are multi-strand tassle-like attachments that clip right onto that ring that’s on the chain.  I really love this system because it’s interchangeable — allowing for a change-up for whatever look you’re trying to achieve.  Once you have the Chain, you can pick whatever Clip you feel like wearing on any given day.  You can see it on the bust in the photo below.  The other pictures are close-ups of several Clips to show some detail.  I will be putting more Clips & Chains in The Shop soon — remember, a Clip is only good-to-go if you have a Chain to clip it onto!

ALSO — I am working on a collection of Christmas Clips — I am really enjoying the way they are turning out.  I’ll post some pictures soon.IMG_0795IMG_0793IMG_0797IMG_0803

Back from Vacation!

We are back from our vacation out West — very refreshing, exciting, and spectacular in every way!  Mountain hikes, canyoneering in slot canyons, rappelling, mountain biking, river hiking — just tons of wonderful outdoor activity!  Now it’s time to return to life and get settled into reality — school, work, the humidity of the South.

I am very excited about my upcoming show — The Cotton South in Madison, GA (Sept. 28-29).  I have been working on new designs and pieces and can’t wait to get them out for all to see.  I am especially excited to be branching out into the world of silver — beautiful on its own, but also a striking complement with copper and brass.  I hope you’ll come to see me — and what’s new — at The Cotton South!