Earrings & Apple Tarts

Today I’m going to say a few brief words on a couple of topics — earrings and apple tarts.  I simply want to show a couple of new earrings that I will be selling at my shows.  I’m really loving the semi-preious stones with the copper — I love the metals, too!  The brass took to the etching in a wonderful way.  I am very appreciative to my good friend for the opportunity to acquire that brass — she knows who she is!!  Take a look and see what you think.

Apple tarts —  Apple.  Tarts.  Yum.  Delicious.  — sometimes jewelry-making gets pushed aside by competing interests, but only momentarily.  This apple tart beauty was inspired by   one of our favorite European places to visit — Normandy!  Tarte Normande!  Just wonderful — and so pretty to look at.  Thanks to my husband for guidance on this creation!  IMG_0811IMG_0910

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