Clips & Chains

I talked about some new things I have been working on in my last post.  More specifically, I am making a new line called Clips & Chains.  The Chains are long — they are just slipped over the head without any clasp to worry about — with a ring at the end.  The Clips are multi-strand tassle-like attachments that clip right onto that ring that’s on the chain.  I really love this system because it’s interchangeable — allowing for a change-up for whatever look you’re trying to achieve.  Once you have the Chain, you can pick whatever Clip you feel like wearing on any given day.  You can see it on the bust in the photo below.  The other pictures are close-ups of several Clips to show some detail.  I will be putting more Clips & Chains in The Shop soon — remember, a Clip is only good-to-go if you have a Chain to clip it onto!

ALSO — I am working on a collection of Christmas Clips — I am really enjoying the way they are turning out.  I’ll post some pictures soon.IMG_0795IMG_0793IMG_0797IMG_0803

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