Christmas Page

Christmas is drawing nigh — even though we still have to celebrate Thanksgiving!  As a friend told me the other day, “There’s only six more Sundays until Christmas.”  Well, as of now, there are only five more Sundays until Christmas.  Unbelievable!  Time…does…fly…!!

More pictures for you — I put a new category in The Shop.  It’s called “Christmas.”  Samples below…



New Clips

I have been using lots of my treasures from Morocco to make new Clips.  I’m very excited about them — I hope you will be too!  I am bringing them all with me to The Holiday Market in Rosemary Beach on November 30.  They look great on the long chain, but they also look terrific on a long leather strap (also coming to the market with me).  Here’s a taste of the wonderful earthy colors…IMG_1365IMG_1371IMG_1367IMG_1368

Coming soon…

Hi All,

I hope everyone is happily looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We are getting ready to share and receive the many blessings of spending time with family and friends — good food, good conversation, good times!  I’m hoping to post a picture to show you the best bread pudding ever…

Here are a few pictures of what you can be looking forward to in the new Sterling section in The Shop.  There’s a Berber silver pendant hand-picked in a shop in Marrakech that was just stuffed with wonderful gems, stones, and treasures; a simple but elegant silver cross with pearls; a beautiful Christmas necklace that includes a Berber felted bead from Marrakech; and a rescued old-fashioned clip-on earring.  I hope you like!

I will be diligently working on stocking The Shop after I have done my work for the last show of the season for me — The Holiday Market on November 30 in Rosemary Beach, FL.  I hope to see you there!


New Works

I hope everyone is enjoying the transition to fall.  This is, hands down, my favorite season of the year.  I have been longing for a cool autumn breeze for the longest time now, and I finally have my wish!  I love it!  I’m actually wearing a jacket today.  And the tree in our front yard dropped its last leaves just this week.  (I’m not sure where the rake is….)

Here are a few pictures to show you what I’ve been up to lately.  There are a few new Clips — just a taste — I will be bringing many more new ones with me to The Holiday Market in Rosemary Beach on November 30.  There are also several new items that I’m calling Clusters.  Clusters are a smaller version of the Clips.  They accompany a shorter chain with a clasp or a leather strap.  Take a look and see what you think…IMG_1305IMG_1300IMG_1302IMG_1304IMG_1298