Hi All,

Wow — this has been a great day of work today!  I have been able to get loads of stuff done — not an everyday occurrence these days.  I’m really happy to be able to work to have some very nice and new pieces for my upcoming shows.  Here’s a picture of some things I pulled out — some old clip-on earrings, a vintage shoe clip, and some shell casings I recently etched — you can tell what my gang has been doing lately!  I am curious myself what is going to become of these…I’ll be sure to let you know.

I also put in a picture of a basketful of treasures given to me by a very special friend.  She found it in an antique store in New England while on a little road trip.  Very sweet!!

What's next...

What’s next…

A treasure basket given by a special friend who knows what I love!

A treasure basket given by a special friend who knows what I love!

Dbl-Wrap Chain Bracelet

Hi All!

I was busy making something (I don’t even remember what) a couple weeks ago, and here’s what came off the drawing board instead — this double-wrap chain bracelet.  I was trying out a new design that I was thinking about; grabbed something that had been set aside for a long, long time to measure against; and decided I liked the old “renewed” thing better — what you see in the photos below.  It’s turned out to be a charming charm bracelet!

This piece is listed in the X’tras section of The Shop.




New Look!

Hi All!

First of all — a big thanks for your patience while this website was under renovation.  Whew!  It feels a lot better though.  Also, a huge thanks to my husband for his patience in helping me with so much of the technical stuff (I have no problem admitting I’m a technology immigrant and not a technology native).  As many of you know, my husband is with me at every show, helping me with set-up and take-down, taking transactions, and being engaged with all of you.  I truly could not take on this whole endeavor without his help and daily support and encouragement.  He’s a blessing!

I am posting some pictures here on the Blog of some of the new items I have listed in The Shop recently.  Since I’m constrained to one picture per item in The Shop, I am going to be using the Blog to post more detailed pictures of my jewelry in order to give you all a better perspective.

These first pictures are of some sterling silver earring made with elements of vintage rosaries I picked up in a wonderful market in the south of France.  You can see the details of the carved flower beads and of the religious medals as well.  These are cathedral-style earrings and the longest hangs about 3 inches.  All three of these pairs of earrings are listed in The Shop.  Take a look and enjoy!

IMG_1921 IMG_1916 IMG_1926

Please Excuse the Mess!


I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Year.  I want to say a belated thank you to all who visited me at the Holiday Market in Rosemary Beach — that was a really wonderful show!  My whole family, plus some special friends, made it down with me.  We all had a thoroughly great time — thanks so much to you all!

Now I would like to ask you to please excuse the mess in my online shop — it is currently undergoing a renovation and is taking a little more time than I initially thought it would.  I am working to get it all back together soon…

I will be posting some current projects here on the Blog in the near future, so check back!

Thanks again!