Happy Holidays!

Hello Friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season.  We are feeling so very blessed to have all our sons — and daughter-in-law — with us for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.  We plan to eat great food — my husband’s new smoker is going to be put to good use; drink great wine — our stash that we brought back from Europe with us is dwindling, sadly; and generally enjoy each other’s company and conversation — nice and relaxing!

I want to let you know that I have been stocking The Shop with new items.  I have posted a good number of pieces — a badly needed update to The Shop!  Thank you, everyone, for your patience — truly, we are not sad to see this super-busy year end!

Also, don’t forget, I am newly on Facebook where my website/shop is linked.  It would be great if you could “like” my Facebook if you happen to get over to it.  A big thanks to my daughter-in-law who is a terrific help with that for me!

I with you all a very Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah!  Many blessings to all!

Holiday Market

Hello All!

Well — another show under wraps — The Holiday Market in Rosemary Beach, FL.  As always, we had a terrific time in Rosemary Beach.  The weather couldn’t have been better.  The crowds were warm and friendly.  I was so happy to see so, so many of my friends and followers!  You all make it such a joy for me!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I would like to let you all know that I am now on Facebook (Laural Designs Jewelry).  You should be able to link to my website, where my online shop is, to make any purchases.  If you do make a purchase, please let me know if you came over to the website from Facebook in the comments section.  Thanks!

Also, please know that I’m offering free shipping for the month of December for online purchases.

So, that’s the end of the show year for me.  Now I’m getting busy making preparation for my next season — you can check out upcoming events on the Events page of my website.

Here’s wishing you all a very merry and blessed Christmas!

I’m Back…

Hello All!

Wow!  What a summer!  As many of you know, we had a scary, crazy summer — a high school graduation, a college graduation, a wedding, a retirement, a move, a house-build, and more….  So, here we are, residing in GA now — and loving it!

This past weekend we were in the Roswell Arts Festival.  An excellent weekend!  Thank you a million times over to all who visited me and showed such terrific support!  Again, it’s always wonderful to see old friends, and make new.  I will mention — I received an Honorable Mention Ribbon at this show.  Thank you to the judges!

Many of you can also see that I have not been on the Blog in quite some time.  It’s really difficult to do when the computer is in its box for several months while we were waiting to complete our move.  I will be updating my Events page very soon.  Thank you so much for your patience!

More to come…

New Designs

It’s been a whirlwind of activity with the last show of my season approaching this weekend (May 10-11).  This will be the last West Indies Market until next year — I hate to see them end — we thoroughly enjoy every time we go!  However, we’ll see you again in Rosemary Beach for the Harvest Market in October and the Holiday Market in November.  Check out my Events page to see if I’m exhibiting in an area near you.  Please also check in at The Shop — I am always putting new items there!  Take a look below for a glance at a few new things….IMG_2321IMG_2286IMG_2297





New in The Shop

Hello All!  Just a note to let you know that I am busy working on stocking The Shop with more items to browse through.  Also new in The Shop — multiple pictures of individual items — yay!  Now you will be able to look at items from several different angles.  Just click on the piece of jewelry you are interested in and you will see the additional pictures below the main image, or you can just click on the advancement arrow within the main image.  Be aware though that while I will be using this feature on all newly listed pieces, it will take me a while to get those previously listed to insert more pictures — thanks for your patience!A shopper at the last West Indies Market in Rosemary Beach.

April West Indies Show

Wow!  What a terrific weekend!  We just got back from another West Indies show in Rosemary Beach, FL — really gorgeous weather and great crowds!  It was sunny and warm the entire time without a hint of clouds or rain.  I saw many glowing shoppers after spending their time on the beach.

Thanks to all of you who visited and supported me.  It was wonderful to see old friends as well as meet some new.  Thank you all for helping to make this venture possible!

I hope to see you again at the next (and last of the season) West Indies show on May 10-11 — as always, in Rosemary Beach!

Two great friends -- thanks for visiting!A happy shopper wearing a custom-made necklace and earring set.


Hi All!

Thanks for another wonderful show at the West Indies Market in Rosemary Beach, FL.  We had a terrific time, enjoyed the beautiful weather, enjoyed seeing faithful friends and making new friends — I truly love getting to know you all!

If you missed the West Indies Market for March, don’t worry, there are two more of these shows yet — April 12-13, and May 10-11.  You can check out my Events Page to see what other new and exciting shows are coming up.

Another bit of news — my family and I are going to be moving to the greater Atlanta area this summer — very exciting!  I hope to be seeing some of you at events in Atlanta.  I’m very excited about a change of scenery, but I will still be keeping a presence in the Rosemary Beach scene.  I’ll keep you posted as we make our move further east.

Thanks again to all who visited me last weekend — it’s always great to see you!

Enjoy the changing weather and Spring Break!


West Indies

Hi All!

I sincerely hope you are all well — that you thoroughly enjoyed the holiday season and are happily making your way through 2014 — is it March already???

Yes, it is March, and that means my first show of the year is here.  Please visit me in Rosemary Beach, FL at the West Indies Market this weekend — Saturday and Sunday, March 8-9.  You can see more information about the West Indies Market at www.hilltopproductioninc.com which is linked on my Events page.

Come and see all the new pieces I have been working on since the last show — I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Thanks!  Hope to see you there!IMG_1963

New & Exciting!

Wow!  I’m so excited about these last couple of weeks and how much has been accomplished.  I showed you some elements that I was thinking of using in some designs in my last post — I’m very happy with how things have turned out!  Take a look below — and remember — these items will be showing up in The Shop very soon!

Some deep and rich color -- new mixed with old.

Some deep and rich color — new mixed with old.

I love the rhinestones mixed with the copper wire and the shell casings!

I love the rhinestones mixed with the copper wire and the shell casings!

A closer look at the etched shell casings.

A closer look at the etched shell casings.

These are more casual and long over-the-head suede lace necklaces.  There's some fun stuff from Morocco in some of these.

These are more casual and long over-the-head suede lace necklaces. There’s some fun stuff from Morocco in some of these.


Hi All,

Wow — this has been a great day of work today!  I have been able to get loads of stuff done — not an everyday occurrence these days.  I’m really happy to be able to work to have some very nice and new pieces for my upcoming shows.  Here’s a picture of some things I pulled out — some old clip-on earrings, a vintage shoe clip, and some shell casings I recently etched — you can tell what my gang has been doing lately!  I am curious myself what is going to become of these…I’ll be sure to let you know.

I also put in a picture of a basketful of treasures given to me by a very special friend.  She found it in an antique store in New England while on a little road trip.  Very sweet!!

What's next...

What’s next…

A treasure basket given by a special friend who knows what I love!

A treasure basket given by a special friend who knows what I love!